Donald Trump’s Russian puppet show has been exposed. Now what?

We all knew that Donald Trump had rigged the election when he began accusing Hillary Clinton out of nowhere of rigging the election. We all knew for sure that Trump was a Russian puppet when Hillary accusing him of it during a debate and he yelled, like a two year old hopped up on spoiled milk, “No you’re the puppet!” It was the lowest moment in U.S. presidential election debate history. It’s been a long road from there to yesterday’s confirmation that Russia really did rig the election for Trump.

So it’s a good thing, of course, that we finally have a grand jury concluding there’s enough evidence in the Trump-Russia election rigging conspiracy to indict thirteen Russians for it. It’ll be an even better thing once Trump and his own people are indicted in that same conspiracy. That’s now inevitable. But what are we supposed to do with that? Those of us who were paying any degree of attention knew during the election that it was going to be rigged. Those of us who understand math understood on election night that it had been rigged. Did it do us any good?

Trump, along with some members of his family and a whole lot of members of his campaign, are going to end up in prison. It was already likely. It’s a given now. There’s no other way this ends. Rod Rosenstein and Robert Mueller ripped off Trump’s mask today and revealed something roughly as disturbing and unnerving as we’d been expecting all along. But ousting Trump from the office he stole, and leaving him to die of old age in a cell, won’t change what happened.

There’s no magic wand here. There’s no going back. We’re a different country. During Trump’s year-plus in office, we’ve seen a fundamental degradation of our nation’s progress and soul. We’ve also seen the very worst of Americans cheer on his every evil move. But we’ve also seen the most powerful social movement in our lifetime rise up against Trump and every abhorrent thing that he and his bottom feeders stand for. So what does America become now? That’s entirely up to us. We still have a lot of fight left, and a lot of cleanup after that. But it’s time to be thinking in the back of our minds what kind of nation we want to become, once we regain control of it.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report