Donald Trump’s psychotic break

It’s never appropriate to accuse others of having mental or psychological problems simply because you disagree with them or you don’t like them. But what happens when someone is displaying so many alarming signs of a psychological meltdown, even a non-doctor can spot it from a mile away? That was the case with Donald Trump’s behavior during a twelve hour period on Saturday, which can only be described as some kind of psychotic break.

None of this is meant as an insult to good natured people who are dealing with mental and psychological problems the best they can. In contrast, Trump is a demented, evil, sexist, racist, uncaring, greedy, mean spirited piece of crap. But during the course of Trump’s twenty-plus tweets on Saturday, we witnessed a mountain of disturbing evidence suggesting that he really did have some kind of psychotic breakdown. I’m no doctor, but take a look at this list of symptoms from WebMD:

Let’s take a look at how these symptoms match up with Trump’s various tweets on Saturday. Agitation? He started off the day by attacking the Mayor of San Juan, even as her city is drowning. Anxiety? He’s clearly worried about, well, everything. Intellectual impairment? At one point on Saturday, he began ranting that the candidate he endorsed in Alabama went up in the polls after the election. That doesn’t even make sense. Delusions and hallucinations? Trump appears to have come to honestly believe that his administration has mounted some massive relief effort in Puerto Rico that largely doesn’t exist – even though he can see on television that it doesn’t exist.

So now we have a guy in the White House who, in addition to being a complete piece of filth and a traitor who answers to a foreign government, has no ability to distinguish between reality and hallucination. This is why Article Four of the 25th Amendment was created.