Psychologically broken Donald Trump still whining about the photos the media uses of him

We should have seen it coming. In fact we did see it coming, and we called it yesterday. Donald Trump’s tweets have been growing more erratic, more defensive, and just plain weirder, suggesting that he may be on the verge of totally losing it inauguration day closes in. And over the weekend Trump’s staff publicly begged Americans not to “mock” him, seemingly suggesting they thought he was about to break. And sure enough, Trump lost it so badly today that he’s back to whining about the photos the media uses of him.

This time is different, however. CNN, looking to cash in on an election that it essentially handed to Donald Trump by refusing to vet or fact check him while obsessively hyping a Hillary Clinton “email scandal” which barely even existed, has released a book about the election. The cover of the book features a large photo of Trump pointing defiantly, along with a smaller photo of Clinton looking unamused. Even though Trump professes to hate CNN, he tweeted today that he wants the book to do well, presumably because it paints him as the winner. However, he’s also whining that CNN used the “worst cover photo of me!” You can view the book’s cover photo here, even as we try to figure out whether he’s rooting for or against it.


Trump is also gone back to insisting that he won the Electoral College “big” and “easily” – even though PolitiFact has already called him out on this, pointing out that he had one of the smaller Electoral College victories on record (and that’s before getting to his massive popular vote loss). In other words, whining about photos of himself, and trying to convince himself that he was a big winner, the psychologically broken Trump is clearly more fragile than ever.

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