Protesters chase pro-Trump Republican Congressman Tom McClintock out of town hall [video]

Republican Congressman Tom McClintock, a strong supporter of the historically unpopular Donald Trump, thought he could hold a town hall and defend Trump’s extremist positions without facing any backlash. It turns out he thought wrong. Hundreds of people packed the auditorium, most of them in order to voice their extreme displeasure with Trump. Outside, hundreds more protesters were on hand to voice the same. By the time it was done, McClintock was running away from protesters with a police escort.

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Based on video of the incident, the anti-Trump protesters appeared to be entirely peaceful in nature and they never represented any real or perceived threat toward Congressman McClintock at any point. But as he exited the ill fated town hall event, the protesters outside of the building did chase him down the street while trying to ask him questions and voicing their displeasure — with many of them shouting “Shame!” at him. And so McClintock took the easy way out by relying on an escort of at least half a dozen police officers in order to avoid the protesters who wanted to speak their minds.

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Remarkably, Tom McClintock represents a majority Republican district in inland northern California, yet the locals still targeted him due to his ongoing vocal support of Donald Trump, who is increasingly being viewed as a traitor by both Republican and Democratic Americans. Five federal judges have already found Trump’s executive orders to be unconstitutional and taken immediate preemptive action against him, and Trump’s approval rating is now the lowest of any incoming U.S. president in recorded history. McClintock is far from the only one under siege, as protesters are increasingly taking over town hall events across the nation in an effort to separate Trump from his Republican allies.

Watch protesters chase a Republican Congressman out of his own town hall:

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