The phantom meeting between Robert Mueller and Donald Trump’s lawyers

All week we heard from the mainstream media that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was going to sit down late this week with Donald Trump’s attorneys in order to discuss what happens next in the Trump-Russia investigation. Of course all week the media also told us Trump was going to fire Mueller any minute, and that didn’t happen, so it hasn’t been a banner week for accuracy. But even Trump’s attorneys seemed to acknowledge the meeting was going to take place. So what the heck happened?

The week is now over, and we have no knowledge of whether or not the meeting actually took place. Most of the media was pointing to Thursday, or Friday, or “late in the week” for the meeting. So maybe it happened, and neither side is willing to acknowledge to the media that it happened. Mueller’s side almost never talks anyway. Trump’s lawyers probably wouldn’t say anything to the media unless something happened during the meeting that they didn’t like. Yet the mainstream media suddenly seems to have dropped the storyline about the meeting altogether.

Was there a meeting, and a truce was maintained? Was there supposed to be a meeting, but one side or the other canceled? Was there never really going to be a meeting? Does anyone in the media know the answer to any of these questions? If so, why aren’t they reporting it? If not, why aren’t they publicly asking these same questions? This meeting, if it took place, or even if it was simply supposed to take place, would be one of the most crucial turning points in this scandal.

It’s almost as if the media spent all week hyping a baseless story about Donald Trump gearing up to fire Robert Mueller at any moment, and now that the week has ended without that happening, no one in the media even wants to acknowledge any aspect of the storyline. Is the media now ignoring the phantom meeting between Mueller and Trump’s lawyers because it doesn’t want to remind the public of the week-long ratings stunt it just pulled by hyping a non-existent imminent firing? We need answers.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report