Mike Pence may have just gotten himself roped into a Trump-Russia kidnapping conspiracy

This week we learned that Michael Flynn’s alleged kidnapping scandal is actually an alleged kidnapping and bribery scandal which would have involved millions of dollars if the plot had been carried out (Flynn now denies that any of this happened). What’s being overlooked is that it’s likely Vice President Mike Pence knew about this scandal at the time it was happening and failed to do anything about it – which would be a felony on his part.

Congressman Elijah Cummings sent Mike Pence a letter during the transition period, informing him that Michael Flynn had an improper financial relationship with the government of Turkey. Pence then went on national television and lied about it, in an attempt at covering up the scandal. So we know that Pence knew Flynn was dirty and was willing to cover for him. Now comes the question of whether Pence knew about the Flynn-Turkey kidnapping meeting which also took place during the transition. The evidence strongly suggests that Pence did know.

Former CIA Director James Woolsey, who was by that time a Donald Trump campaign adviser, also attended the meeting between Flynn and Turkey. He was so taken aback by the kidnapping conversation, he promptly notified his acquaintance Joe Biden about it. Woolsey made a point of getting this kidnapping plot on the record, because he knew full well that failure to report a felony is itself a felony. Now comes the question of who else Woolsey told at the time.

It’s highly likely that James Woolsey would also have notified the Donald Trump transition team about Michael Flynn’s kidnapping meeting. By that time, the head of the transition team was Mike Pence. Woolsey informed the media two weeks ago that he’s been cooperating with Special Counsel Robert Mueller with regard to the Flynn meeting, so by now Mueller knows whether Pence knew. If Pence was aware that Flynn was plotting a kidnapping, and he failed to notify the authorities, then Mueller can prove Pence guilty of a felony known as “misprision of a felony.”

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report