Now we know Robert Mueller is going after Donald Trump’s Pee Pee Tape

Special Counsel Robert Mueller has run such a secretive investigation into Donald Trump’s Russia scandal that he arrested a Trump adviser in July, and no one found out about it until this week. It’s often been extraordinarily difficult to piece together what he’s been pursuing, based on the very limited data we get from his corner. But yesterday we received a key detail that makes it a safe bet that Mueller is indeed pursuing Trump’s infamous “Pee Pee Tape.”

Oddly enough, this week’s indictments and arrests are not what have telegraphed the Pee Pee Tape development. Instead there has long been another consistent, if sometimes tricky to interpret, avenue for figuring out Mueller’s moves. We know that the various congressional committees investigating the Trump-Russia scandal, when they’re not going off the rails in partisan fashion, have been serving in an ancillary capacity toward Mueller’s probe. One of those committees just tipped off something oddly specific.

It’s not a surprise that the House Intelligence Committee is about to interview Donald Trump’s longtime bodyguard Keith Schiller about his role in the Trump-Russia scandal. What stands out is that according to a new Washington Post report (link), the Democrats on the committee are planning to specifically ask Schiller about the trip he took with Trump to Moscow in 2013. This is the trip where the Pee Pee Tape incident allegedly happened. So what does this have to do with Robert Mueller?

We’ve seen Mueller raid Paul Manafort’s home just hours after his unsatisfactory testimony to Congress. We just saw Carter Page admit the true nature of his Moscow meeting to Congress, while hinting that he’d already given it to Mueller. There are numerous other examples. If the Democrats on the House Intel Committee are now pursuing Keith Schiller over the Pee Pee Tape, it’s because Mueller is pursuing the Pee Pee Tape behind the scenes, and he’s hoping Schiller will cough up additional information in the process