Paul Ryan has a whole new problem

Three weeks ago, Donald Trump threatened to arbitrarily revoke the security clearances of several former U.S. intel commminity leaders who had either publicly criticized him, or testified about the crimes they witnessed him commmitting. Today Trump began going through with it, formally revoking the clearance of widely respected former CIA Director John Brennan. This is a problem for Trump, as no one is siding with him outside the lunatic fringe, and he may have just gotten himself hit with yet another felony obstruction charge. But it’s also a major problem for a guy named Paul Ryan.

Back when Donald Trump first publicly threatened to begin taking away the security clearances of his detractors, Paul Ryan told a group of reporters not to worry about it, because Trump was merely “trolling” people. It was surreal enough that the Speaker of the House was publicly defending the (supposed) President of the United States by insisting that he was merely making empty threats against innocent people. Now things have changed entirely.

Paul Ryan could begin the impeachment process against Donald Trump at any time, but he hasn’t lifted a finger even as Trump has proven himself to be equal parts traitor and psychopath. Ryan just assured us three weeks ago that Trump would never get as far out of control as he did today. This is now entirely on him.

Paul Ryan is a weakling and a coward who is choosing to quit Congress at the end of his term rather than deal with the prospect of reining in an illegitimate and criminal “president” from his own party. Ryan’s sniveling cowardice is nothing new. But at this point Ryan is recklessly endangering the United States and everyone in it. Trump will be convicted as a traitor, but Paul Ryan will be remembered as one.

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