Devin Nunes just unwittingly outed Paul Ryan as a conspirator in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

Devin Nunes, a useful idiot who has no idea how politics works despite having been in Congress for fourteen years, set his career on fire today for no apparent reason. He got his hands on classified Trump-Russia intel through unofficial channels, and instead of following proper channels, he went running to Donald Trump and then to the media. But the real story of the day is who told him to do it: Speaker Paul Ryan.

Procedurally, as chair of the House Intelligence Committee, Devin Nunes should have taken the information to his committee’s ranking member Adam Schiff. Then they could have jointly taken it to the FBI to verify if it was real. That kind of bipartisanship would give them both cover for however they decided to proceed with it next. Instead, Nunes went running straight to the House leader of his own party, Paul Ryan. This was an inappropriate move, but perhaps he was merely unsure of his footing and he wanted advice from a trusted colleague. But what happened next is the real story.

Paul Ryan, who has long cynically demonstrated that he understands how politics and government work, knew full well that the only appropriate advice he could offer Nunes would be to redirect him back to Schiff. Instead, according to various accounts, Ryan made no effort to stop Nunes from running straight to Donald Trump with the evidence. In so doing, Ryan was certainly aware that he was committing obstruction of justice.

Ryan sent Nunes to deliver secret evidence in a crucial FBI investigation directly to the subject of that investigation. That’s Obstruction 101. And while Nunes might honestly be too dumb to have understood as much, Ryan knew better. So why did he do it? The only explanation is that Paul Ryan himself is a conspirator in the Trump-Russia scandal. And that might be the next shoe to drop. Contribute to Palmer Report