Here’s how we know Robert Mueller is past the point where Donald Trump can stop him

Even as Special Counsel Robert Mueller forcefully moves forward with dismantling Donald Trump’s entire criminal world, the looming question in the background has been whether Trump would try to find a way to fire him. After all, Trump has a history of firing everyone else in politics who’s threatened to expose his crimes. However, today we’re seeing signs that Mueller has progressed beyond the point where Trump can stop him – and the insiders all know it.

Robert Mueller’s job status has long been protected by an odd technicality. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has already recused himself from the Russia investigation, so Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is the only one who can fire Mueller. If Donald Trump wants to get rid of Mueller he’ll have to fire Sessions, fire Rosenstein, and promote someone in the Department of Justice to Acting Attorney General who’s willing to fire Mueller. The Republicans in the Senate don’t want their former colleague Sessions fired, and would take steps against Trump if he tried. So for that reason alone, Mueller’s job has remained safe.

That’s long forced liberals and Democrats to root for Jeff Sessions to remain on the job, even though he’s a racist and they despise him. However, the Democrats in Congress are now suddenly going after Sessions hard. They’re suddenly dragging him in to testify about the Trump-Russia scandal next Tuesday. Based on a letter from Senator Chris Coons (linklink), the Democrats are also planning to use Sessions to get to the bottom of why Trump fired U.S. Attorney Dana Boente just as the arrests were getting underway in the Trump-Russia scandal.

If the Democrats felt they still needed to keep Jeff Sessions upright in order to keep Robert Mueller’s investigation of Donald Trump intact, they’d be treating Sessions with kid gloves. Instead they’re suddenly taking those gloves off, and they’re willing to pummel Sessions in order to further expose Trump. The Democrats must have concluded that Mueller is now past the point where Trump can even try to get away with firing him, and thus Sessions no longer needs to be protected.

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