Palmer Report fully vindicated for its reporting on Michael Flynn and Devin Nunes

Back in early 2017, Palmer Report reported that Congressman Devin Nunes and Donald Trump adviser Michael Flynn had jointly met with representatives of the Turkish government during the transition period. Although our reporting was thoroughly sourced, some larger political sites tried to dispute our reporting for what can only be described as competitive reasons. Now our reporting on Flynn-Nunes has been fully vindicated – and it may have a major impact on the Trump Russia scandal.

Palmer Report reported on March 25th of this year that Flynn and Nunes had attended a breakfast meeting with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu at a Trump-branded hotel in Washington, DC (link). Our source was a respected Turkish political news site called Daily Sabah (link). Fact checking site Snopes, which has faced significant controversy over the past year after a shift in its ownership, dismissed our article as “Unproven” despite not being able to contradict a word of it. Weeks later, Business Insider published a vicious attack piece on Palmer Report, which was based largely on claims made by Snopes. Now, Business Insider has published an article today about Flynn and Nunes, which has the exact same premise that Palmer Report laid out eight months ago, and even cites the same Turkish source.

To be clear, we are not accusing Business Insider reporter Natasha Bertrand of stealing our story. She’s the only respectable political journalist at Business Insider, so our assumption is that she just now coincidentally encountered the same Turkish online source that Palmer Report used eight months ago. However, this does prove that Snopes was being wildly disingenuous when it claimed our Flynn-Nunes reporting was “unproven.” Moreover, as Business Insider is now belatedly reporting the same story that Palmer Report reported long ago, using the exact same sourcing, it disproves Business Insider’s own prior negative assertions about the legitimacy of Palmer Report’s reporting. In other words, we’ve been fully vindicated. Why should you care? This incident may have had a major impact on the manner in which the Trump-Russia scandal and investigation have played out since.

For the past several months, Devin Nunes has been wielding unchecked unilateral power by running his own personal investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal, with the clear aim of derailing his committee’s official Trump-Russia investigation. When Snopes tried to sabotage Palmer Report’s earlier reporting about Nunes and Michael Flynn, it may have served to prevent the mainstream public from fully learning about Nunes’ connections to the scandal at the time. This in turn may have allowed Nunes to get away with his unchecked behavior over the past several months.

We believe that, in their overzealous desire to falsely smear Palmer Report for craven competitive reasons, Snopes and Business Insider materially harmed the progress of the Trump-Russia investigation overall. These two unprofessional sites clearly owe Palmer Report a public apology for their false and misleading claims about us, which in hindsight appear to have been intentional. Far more importantly, Snopes and Business Insider owe the American people an apology for whatever role their antics may have played in preventing the public from learning the truth about Nunes and Flynn sooner, and whatever impact it’s had on the investigation since.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report