Kellyanne Conway’s husband is out at Donald Trump’s White House: is she next?

For months, the story has been that Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway was just a few minutes away from taking one senior post or another in Donald Trump’s White House. It smacked of nepotism, favor trading, and it’s raised the question of what Kellyanne actually does at the White House. But as of last night, her husband is officially out of job consideration. It leads to the question of whether Kellyanne might be the next to go.

George Conway is invoking the usual cliches for when someone bows out of a potential White House job and doesn’t want to say the real reason. His official statement cites “this is not the right time” and references to family, according to Politico (link), which are a dead giveaway that something has gone wrong with the job offer.

It’s worth pointing out that this comes amid a dizzying array of leaks pointing to Donald Trump being on the verge of shaking up his White House senior staff. Communications Director Mike Dubke has already resigned earlier this week, and others are expected to depart as well. So is this a sign that Trump may be planning to push out Kellyanne Conway as well?

This also comes two weeks after MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski outed Kellyanne Conway for having said off-camera that she needed a shower after defending Trump (link), and two weeks is probably about the amount of time that it would take for a story like that to filter back to the largely insulated Trump, who seems to only consume news when his staff puts it in front of him or he hears it on Fox News or randomly sees something on Twitter.

So it’s worth asking if George Conway’s sudden decision to bail on that forever-brewing White House job offer might be a sign that Kellyanne Conway is on her way out as well, and if the “shower” remark may have contributed to her downfall. There’s also this past week’s report that multiple senior staffers are planning to quit and write tell-all books (link), though one would imagine a book written by Kellyanne Conway would contain as many lies as her usual television appearances. Follow Palmer Report on Facebook and Twitter.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report