Senate Intel leader says Donald Trump will probably be ousted

Donald Trump’s election collusion scandal with Russia is back firmly in the spotlight this week, thanks to the quickening pace this week of witness testimony in Congress – but it’s far from the only major scandal which Trump is facing. In fact things are now so stacked against Trump that a leader of the influential Senate Intelligence Committee is saying that Trump will probably be ousted.

That’s the word coming from Senator Mark Warner, the Democratic ranking member on the Senate Intel Committee, according to a fascinating new expose from the New Yorker. It quotes the mild mannered Warner as having privately told friends that the odds are “two to one against” Donald Trump completing his full term (link). In other words, he believes Trump will probably be ousted.

As the ranking member, Senator Warner has access to a level of classified information that no one else on the committee beyond Republican chairman Richard Burr has gotten to see – and my own expectation is that he’s basing his prediction on what he’s seen but can’t yet reveal. On some level this echoes the reaction from Senator Dianne Feinstein, the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, who seemed stunned nearly speechless after she received a classified briefing on Trump-Russia several weeks ago (link). In other words, the people who have learned the most about the depth of Trump’s actions seem the most convinced that he’s a goner.

That process, of course, is not advancing nearly as swiftly as many among the anti-Trump general public would like to see. But investigations into a sitting President, and in particular the impeachment and ouster of a President, are meant to be a slow process by design – in order to prevent a corrupt Congress from using a phony scandal to swiftly oust a legitimate President. But while the process of ousting Donald Trump is a long one, the people in the know – such as Mark Warner – are predicting that it’ll happen. And the further the investigation and scandal progress, the less able Trump will be to carry out his political agenda in real world terms. Help fund Palmer Report

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