Stephen Miller is now the de facto President of the United States. Here’s how we oust him.

With Donald Trump’s already-broken mind now little more than a pile of Jello, and most of his other White House senior advisers having long ago left the building, there are very few people left. One of them is John Kelly, who despite his high ranking title and xenophobic ambitions, is little more than a caretaker. The other is the guy who, based on the emerging evidence, is now the de facto President of the United States: Stephen Miller.

If you’re shocked and unnerved just reading that, you should be. Of all the liars, frauds, criminals, sociopaths, and sea creatures hired by Donald Trump to run his Fake White House, it’s entirely possible that Stephen Miller is the most detestable of them all. Yes, that’s a tough bar to clear, considering the competition. But Miller has gleefully said something racist every single time he’s taken the podium. His sadistic level of sexism has been documented going back decades. He’s human garbage – and he’s fully taken control of the vacant puppet Trump.

How much control does Miller now have? According to various reports, he’s the one who managed to talk Trump out of every budget and immigration deal that Trump negotiated with various members of Congress from both parties. In fact, Miller is now so firmly in charge of the Trump White House, and so adamant about holding the entire government hostage in the name of making America more white, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham is calling Miller out by name as being the whole problem. It gets worse.

Graham took that public shot at Stephen Miller in an attempt at getting Donald Trump to realize that he needs to cut Miller loose before the whole thing unravels. Instead, the White House responded with a childish statement which defended Miller and attacked Graham. In other words, Miller now has so much control over Trump’s White House, he’s even controlling the statements that get released. So how on earth do we get rid of Acting President Stephen Miller?

Although his initial attempt failed, Lindsey Graham is on the right track. Donald Trump is willing to attempt incompetence, failure, lying, criminal antics, and really anything from his pathetic advisers, so long as they’re not perceived by the public as being more powerful than he is. We must convince Trump that Stephen Miller is indeed the de facto President of the United States. We must make Trump so jealous that he casts Miller aside, just as he did with Steve Bannon and everyone else he’s run off. Once we get Trump to oust Miller, we still have to oust the sadistic traitor Trump. But one step at a time.

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