Yes, it’s okay to be optimistic about Donald Trump’s demise

This past year has been one of the most pessimistic stretches in American history: there’s a mentally incompetent criminal traitor illegally occupying the Oval Office. This has also been one of the most optimistic of American stretches: an unprecedented level of political activism has arisen to stand in his way and often defeat his efforts. Of course that activism won’t matter unless we can finish Trump off before he finishes off America. Now more than ever, there’s reason to be optimistic about his demise.

All along, the pessimists on our side have told us that Trump will get away with everything and be given a free pass to fully destroy America. These voices are important, because they keep us aware at all times of what’s at stake. But these voices have also consistently been wrong. The pessimists told us that Trump would find a way to fire Robert Mueller before he could make any serious headway against Trump’s people. They told us that no one would be arrested, or that no one important like Paul Manafort would be arrested. And they told us that Trump would find a way to use pardons to prevent anyone like Michael Flynn from cutting a deal. They’ve been wrong every step of the way.

So even as the pessimists on our own side try to tell us that Donald Trump will never be ousted no matter how many of his own people flip on him, keep in mind that these pessimists have a zero percent track record with their predictions about the scandal and investigation. The odds of Trump paying for his crimes are now higher than ever.

So now is the time to get out there and push harder than ever, because Donald Trump has never been this vulnerable. He’s being marched closer to the door by the day, and now is the time for us to help push him through it. Even though it’s reasonable to be pessimistic about the damage Trump has done to us, it’s okay to be optimistic about the increasing prospects of his demise. Trump will go down before he can take us down. Contribute to Palmer Report

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