Trump-Russia scandal closes in on Devin Nunes

Devin Nunes has already spent 2017 exposing himself as the dumbest and most gullible member of the United States House of Representatives, unwittingly setting himself up as Donald Trump’s fall guy in the Trump-Russia scandal. Now that the scandal is indeed in danger of landing on his head, Nunes keeps taking more reckless steps in the feeble hope of saving himself. This time he’s sunk to a whole new level of idiocy.

Nunes was long ago kicked off his own House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into the Trump-Russia scandal after he leaked classified information in the name of trying to help Trump’s prospects. Now he’s inexplicably part of the investigation again, and he’s using his position as Chairman to commit one blatant act of obstruction of justice after another. This time he’s dishonestly targeting Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and, of all people, John McCain.

That’s right, Nunes has decided that Donald Trump’s Russia scandal is somehow a hoax created by Senator John McCain. Nunes has begun sending subpoenas to McCain’s associates according to The Hill (link), and it’s fairly clear that he’s trying to work his way up to McCain himself. The Trump-Russia dossier was originally delivered to the FBI by McCain, after a European contact gave it to him. But the notion of going after McCain, who has obviously done nothing wrong, particularly while he’s fending off a potentially terminal illness, is beyond the pale.

As per usual with Devin Nunes and his idiotic antics, it’s fairly clear here what’s going on. Donald Trump and his goons have goaded Nunes into launching asinine (and assholic) attacks on people like Rosenstein and McCain, in the hope of creating a distraction. We already know how this ends: Nunes will once again play the fool as this blows back and lands on his own head. But at this point he may not have much to lose anyway. As it is, one legal expert is predicting that Nunes is going to prison.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report