Donald Trump finally admits he’s not writing some of his own tweets. It reveals more than you think.

Yesterday, Donald Trump posted a tweet in which he accidentally confessed to felony obstruction of justice. His White House then claimed that the tweet was actually written by his attorney, John Dowd. That’s a lie; even the dumbest attorney would know better than to admit his client committed obstruction. But for the first time, Trump’s people are admitting that some of his tweets are indeed being ghost-written. This confirms what Palmer Report has been pointing out for months, and it tells us a lot about his declining psychological state.

Although Trump obviously wrote the obstruction tweet himself, the White House wouldn’t be invoking the “Trump didn’t write it” claim unless there have been other instances of his handlers tweeting for him. We’re not talking about the generic “Just landed in Cleveland, preparing to give a speech” tweets. We’re talking about Trump’s first-person, sourpuss, feud-seeking tweets. The ones where we all say, oh, he’s at again. We’ve documented that a whole lot of those are now being written by his staff. The giveaways are just too obvious.

One of Trump’s ghostwriters purposely misspells random words in an attempt to pass as Trump. But this person doesn’t understand that Trump misspells pretty much every word, and that autocorrect cleans it up except when it’s a misspelling that could also be some other correct word (“hear” vs “here” etc). Another Trump ghostwriter says “e-mail” even though Trump’s own history reveals that he writes “email.” Yet another ghostwriter omits apostrophes, even though Trump himself has no trouble with apostrophes. Why does this matter?

For one thing, it demonstrates that Donald Trump’s staffers are too incompetent to figure out how to passably impersonate him. But the big upshot is that the ghost-tweeting has been happening with increasing frequency in recent months. Tweeting angry garbage is the only thing Trump still seems to enjoy, yet he’s increasingly giving up so thoroughly, he can’t even bring himself to do that as often these days – to the point that his staff has felt compelled to keep up appearances. Trump increasingly doesn’t even want to do Trump anymore. That tells us he’s in the process of giving up entirely.

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