Donald Trump Jr is not well

Over the past two weeks, the rapid unraveling of Donald Trump and the escalating villainy of the Republican Congress have become such a spectacle, it’s caused some important political stories to go under-reported. One of the strangest has been the increasingly bizarre behavior of the illegitimate president’s son, Donald Trump Jr, as the Russia scandal has become more dire for him. It’s time to acknowledge that Junior is not well.

It would be one thing if Donald Trump Jr were merely rattling off lunatic conspiracy theories in the name of trying to run interference on his father’s behalf. So when he rattled off a quote like “There is, and there are, people at the highest levels of government that don’t want to let America be America” while speaking to a group of young conservatives in Florida on Tuesday night (,a href=”” target=”_blank”>link), the sentiment sounds deranged, but the strategy might be understandable. That would be, of course, if this were the only strange thing about Junior’s behavior.

There have been big disturbing things, such as Junior liking an article on Twitter whose headline asserted that pedophilia is “not a crime.” There have been just plain weirdly disturbing things, such as Junior holding a giant cookie with President Obama’s face on it, which he insisted was a cake, while standing next to Ted Cruz. There was Junior’s oddball suggestion that college freshmen should be called “freshit” instead. On Tuesday, he tried to pick a fight with rapper Eminem.

Everyone has weird moments now and then, and members of the Trump family seem to have them more often than most. But in the two weeks since Donald Trump Jr was forced to admit to Congress that his father’s personal confidant Hope Hicks knew all about his Russia meeting during the election, Junior has been acting in a manner that’s nothing short of concerning. This guy is the son of the supposed President of the United States, and he’s also a key witness in a treasonous plot against the United States, and he’s not well – so it matters.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report