In his own words, Russian leaker Donald Trump has retroactively declared himself “Not fit” to be President

Now that Donald Trump has been caught purposely giving code-word classified information to the Russian government in a manner which everyone should have seen coming, a whole lot of Republican leaders and pundits are having to eat their earlier words. They spent the election pretending that Hillary Clinton improperly shared classified information via her emails (she did not), and they had some pretty harsh things to say about it. But no one was more harsh than Trump himself.

In fact, in a Twitter post back on July 6th of 2016, Donald Trump unknowingly disqualified himself from the Presidency when he tweeted the following:

There’s no greater irony than Donald Trump, a literal traitor who will be remembered by the history books on the villain scale somewhere south of Richard Nixon and Benedict Arnold, daring to call his infinitely less controversial opponent “crooked.” But it’s the “Not fit” part of Trump’s tweet that, by any objective measure, should end his Presidency right this second. This has to be the first time that a President of the United States has retroactively disqualified himself in his own words. This is the equivalent of Nixon having spent the election falsely accusing his opponent of hiring burglars to break into Watergate.

Of course Republican leaders like Paul Ryan and Reince Priebus are rather quiet themselves right about now, because it turns out they also tweeted the same kind of grandstanding statements about classified information aimed at disqualifying Hillary Clinton (link), and in so doing, they’ve also retroactively disqualified Donald Trump from the Presidency. If Priebus had any integrity he’d resign from Trump’s White House right now. And if Ryan cared one whit about America, he’d be moving forward with impeachment hearings in the House. After all, it should be an easy call: all they’d have to do is quote Trump himself.

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