No news is good news

For obvious reasons, not much political news gets reported on holidays. But as we’ve learned, news generally still happens. For instance, on Thanksgiving and the day after Thanksgiving, quite a bit happened in the political universe. So it’s more than a bit noteworthy that during the course of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, very little happened. It wasn’t just that politicians and political reporters were on vacation; there was essentially nothing to report anyway. Considering the timing, this is good news for the Resistance – and not just because it meant a couple days without the sky falling.

For the past week we’ve been told that this was supposed to be Donald Trump’s time in the sun. He got his tax scam bill passed. His own party was publicly fawning over him. His allies in Congress were eagerly smearing everyone who has dared to investigate his crimes. The media had us believing that Trump was suddenly unstoppable, and that he would use the distraction of Christmas to squish his enemies like a grape so he could become a full dictator by January.

As we’ve seen over the past two days, none of that has happened, at least not yet. If Trump is planning to try to get rid of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, he sure didn’t make his move during the timeframe the media was predicting. Nor does Trump appear to have much of a plan for dismantling the FBI so it can’t continue investigating his crimes. Trump spent the holiday weekend taking frustrated pot shots at the FBI on Twitter, which suggests he and his people don’t actually have a plan.

That’s not to say that the Resistance can afford to take its collective eye off the ball. The mainstream media does tend to go quiet during the week between Christmas and New Years, and we don’t know what – if anything – Donald Trump and his goons might try to get away with this week. But thus far it’s a whole lot of nothing coming from Trump’s side, and in that regard, no news is good news. The kicker is that no one, particularly Trump, knows what the ever secretive Robert Mueller is up to as we speak.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report