Donald Trump’s idiotic Muslim ban against Chad may have gotten the four U.S. soldiers killed in Niger

Donald Trump insisted that his overtly racist Muslim Ban would somehow make the United States safer. Anyone with even a basic grasp of reality understood that it served no purpose whatsoever. Now it turns out the Muslim Ban has left the U.S. less safe, as it led to a diplomatic crisis that ended up putting U.S soldiers in danger in Niger – including the four who were killed this month.

After Trump revised his Muslim Ban on September 24th and added the nation of Chad to it for no apparent reason, Chad promptly announced that it would be pulling its own troops from Niger (link). Just ten days later, four U.S. soldiers died in Niger. Would they still be alive if the soldiers from Chad had still been there fighting alongside them? There’s no way to determine that based on publicly available information. But we do know that Trump’s Muslim Ban left U.S. soldiers in Niger without support troops from a key ally.

Remarkably, much of Trump’s Muslim Ban still hasn’t gone into effect. It’s so blatantly unconstitutional that portions of it have been preemptively struck down by various courts and judges. Yet Trump’s mere attempt at rolling out such a blatantly racist and profoundly divisive policy has caused so much harm to America’s relationships around the world, it’s served to isolate the U.S. military in its operations and leave U.S. troops more vulnerable around the world.

The role that the Muslim Ban played in the Niger scandal may be just one reason why Donald Trump is trying to desperately to cover it up. As we’ve documented, Trump appeared to have been doing Vladimir Putin a favor, in violation of U.S. sanctions against Russia, by ordering the U.S. military op in Niger at all (link). In other words, Trump’s Niger scandal may simply be an extension of his traitorous Russia scandal.

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