Is Ivanka Trump the next to go?

Ivanka Trump took her place at the White House in March 2017 after resigning from the Trump family business. Since then, and with increasing frequency, her husband Jared Kushner has been continually raising many red flags as a result of his many shady international dealing on behalf of his own family business. This week, he finally lost his temporary Top Secret security clearance because he had too many conflicts of interest to justify having it to begin with.

Now that the press has become so negative, Donald Trump himself has reportedly asked Chief of Staff John Kelly to push Jared and Ivanka out. Trump doesn’t like when the limelight becomes chaotic without his permission. Ivanka and Jared can remain aides, but they will no longer be a part of his inner circle in the Oval Office. That circle is getting smaller by the day – and that is not hyperbole.

Though Rep. Adam Schiff has said that he’d like to interview Ivanka about her international business dealings, and how they could affect her conduct in her position by her father’s side, the GOP has not yet backed this request. Though Ivanka loves to flaunt her political position, she promptly switched back to devoted daughter when NBC asked about her father’s nineteen sexual assault victims/accusers. Her personal and political responsibility are blurred lines, depending on whichever is convenient to get the results that the Trumps need in the moment. She responds as someone with zero political experience, which is exactly what she is, and as her behavior has proven.

The fact remains that the intricacies of Ivanka and Jared’s international business dealings – in China, Russia and the Middle East – and their probable conflicts of interest to the United States, have become clear even to the stubborn Donald Trump.

Lola Shahdadi is a writer and author of  Her series “Raising a Baby Activist” began in 2018.