Donald Trump may have just tipped off who’s about to get arrested next

Three of Donald Trump’s campaign advisers have now been arrested. One has already pleaded guilty. The other two are under house arrest. A fourth Trump campaign adviser has just been dragged before a grand jury, and a fifth has just been caught lying about Russian collusion. The Trump-Russia scandal is now swallowing up Trump and his people by the day. So who’s the next to be arrested? Trump himself may have just tipped us off.

In an oddly timed and highly illuminating new profile piece from Vanity Fair, multiple friends of Donald Trump say that he’s now obsessively ranting to them about the Trump-Russia investigation. They’re all saying that Trump is obsessed about the same thing: the role that his son-in-law Jared Kushner has played in his impending downfall (link). Trump blames Kushner for giving him the bad advice to fire Michael Flynn and James Comey, which backfired and only served to make the scandal bigger and the investigation more invasive. So how does this translate to who’s getting arrested next?

This new profile piece is timed for a reason. Trump’s friends wouldn’t all be telling Vanity Fair that he thinks everything is Kushner’s fault, unless they believe Trump wants that message out there publicly. So why is Trump suddenly scapegoating Kushner? Take this quote from Trump campaign adviser Sam Nunberg: “Here’s what Manafort’s indictment tells me: Mueller is going to go over every financial dealing of Jared Kushner and the Trump Organization.”

There’s the big hint right there. Donald Trump and his allies now believe that Robert Mueller is going to use Jared Kushner’s shady financial dealings to get to Trump’s own shady (and somewhat overlapping) financial dealings. In other words, Trump seems to think that Mueller is going to indict and arrest Kushner next, in an effort to flip him. Stay tuned.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report