Sorry, Donald Trump, the United States does not negotiate with terrorists

Donald Trump’s decision to take thousands of immigrant kids from their parents and lock them in cages is so unfathomably demented, it’s difficult to even figure out what he’s hoping to gain from it. He and his remaining advisers have offered so many conflicting and nonsensical explanations, it’s become even more confusing. Now he’s partially backing down with an executive order. I don’t know what he’s doing, but I do know this: if he’s trying to use this as some kind of leverage ploy to get something else in return, there’s not a chance that’s happening.

When you resort to locking innocent kids in cages, you’re a psychopath. When you do it as some kind of negotiating tool, you’re a terrorist. Trump illegally conspired with the Russians to rig the election in his favor, and therefore he is absolutely not the President of the United States. But even if he were, he’d still be a terrorist. And, as we’ve heard so many times, the United States does not negotiate with terrorists.

This sick bastard is going to get absolutely nothing from this. The Democrats in Congress have already publicly made clear that they will not give him anything in return for freeing these kids from their cages. The Republicans have the majority in Congress, but they’re splintered enough on this issue that they probably can’t vote to give Trump anything in return either. So we’re in a stalemate with a terrorist who has taken children as hostages. What do we do now?

In the past days, mainstream Americans have made abundantly clear that they’re not letting go of this issue, and this country will not have any other focus until these kids are free from their cages and reunited with their parents. Donald Trump can hold his position for a bit longer, but the longer he waits, the worse it’ll get for him – and the weaker the position he’ll be in once he has to cave. Either that, or he can just resign. One way or the other, he’ll end up on trial for this, and every other crime he’s committed.

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