Narcissistic Donald Trump tries to make Las Vegas shooting all about himself

Donald Trump traveled to Las Vegas on Wednesday, in what was supposed to be an attempt at demonstrating leadership and comforting the victims. He visited a hospital and met with some of the survivors, as well as the medical staff who were tending to them. This was more or less the role that Trump was supposed to be playing. But then he ruined it by posting a pair of videos online, thus trying to make the Las Vegas tragedy all about himself.

First, Trump posted a video titled “WE LOVE YOU LAS VEGAS” which was supposed to be a tribute to those who survived the shooting. But Trump himself was in nearly every frame of the two minute-plus video. Much of it was just people taking selfies with him. The video all but screamed “Look at how much these victims love me!” It also inexplicably included “Proud to be an American” as its soundtrack, a bizarre sentiment considering the domestic terrorist nature of this attack, and the number of Americans who currently feel ashamed that nothing has been done about gun control. But it got worse.

Trump then posted a second video titled “On behalf of a GRATEFUL NATION, THANK YOU to all of the First Responders (HEROES) who saved countless lives in Las Vegas on Sunday night.” This was supposed to be a tribute to the first responders, but again, Trump himself was in nearly every frame of the video. It was Trump giving a speech, Trump sitting and listening to a speech, Trump walking through a door, Trump getting into a car.

If this sounds nitpicky, consider that Donald Trump has thus far said very little about the Las Vegas shooting on his Twitter account in the days since it occurred. Now he’s finally willing to bring attention to it, but only in a way that places himself front and center – and himself as the hero just for showing up. Trump’s narcissism is on full display here more prominently than ever.

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