Two new developments reveal Robert Mueller has Donald Trump nailed

At the time of Richard Nixon’s resignation, the articles of impeachment being drafted against him were headlined by obstruction of justice. Everyone “knew” he was behind the Watergate break-in, but proving it would have been time consuming and difficult. Proving that Nixon obstructed the investigation into Watergate was a much quicker and easier way of ousting him. Special Counsel Robert Mueller is taking the same approach toward Donald Trump – and two new developments reveal Mueller has Trump nailed.

One could broadly argue that every word and deed from Donald Trump over the past ten months has been yet another instance of obstruction of justice. But it’s far cleaner for Mueller to zoom in and overwhelmingly prove a small handful of specific and egregious acts of obstruction. Based on what’s now surfacing, it’s become clear that Mueller has chosen the firing of FBI Director James Comey and the attempted coverup of Donald Trump Jr’s Russian collusion meeting as his two dagger points. It’s also become clear that Mueller has Trump nailed on both.

The first big reveal came when the media reported that Jared Kushner had begun turning over documents to Robert Mueller in relation to Trump’s firing of Comey, according to a CNN report (link). It’s long been reported that Kushner was the one who pushed Trump to fire Comey. If that’s true, and if Kushner knew or believed at the time that he would end up being under investigation himself, that would make Kushner guilty of obstruction as well. Kushner’s cooperation is a clear signal that he’s trying to avoid criminal charges, and he’s willing to give up Trump in order to make it happen.

The second big reveal came on Thursday evening. Robert Mueller had his choice of where to start when it came to interviewing Donald Trump’s current White House senior advisers. According to an ABC News report (link), Mueller chose Stephen Miller, the guy who drafted the letter which Trump initially planned to use for justifying Comey’s firing, before the lawyers intervened. In other words, Mueller went straight to the guy who actively helped Trump obstruct justice. Mueller has Trump nailed on obstruction. It’s just a matter of making his case bulletproof. That takes time, but it’s now inevitable.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report