Bodyguard Keith Schiller unwittingly reveals Donald Trump may have taken secret trips to Russia

Donald Trump’s longtime bodyguard Keith Schiller testified before Congress this week about his role in the Trump-Russia scandal, and his testimony is immediately bringing headlines due to what he revealed about Trump and Russian prostitutes. But the bigger reveal from Schiller is that Trump may have taken even more trips to Russia than what’s publicly known – thus unwittingly pointing investigators in the right direction for getting to the bottom of the scandal.

Schiller’s testimony is receiving outsized attention because he admitted that Russia offered to send five prostitutes to Donald Trump’s hotel room when he visited Moscow in 2013. Schiller insisted that the offer was refused – but this has placed renewed attention on the infamous “Pee Pee Tape” incident. It’s backed Trump into a corner, where his only defense will be that he was offered Russian prostitutes but turned them down, and few will believe that he actually turned them down. However, this salacious reveal is burying the real bombshell.

Check out the very last two sentences from the Washington Post article about the Keith Schiller testimony, which has not yet been made fully public: “[Schiller] also said he did not remember accompanying Trump on any other trips to Russia but told investigators that he could not rule it out. Schiller agreed to review his passport and get back to the committee with more information, according to people familiar with his interview.” (link). Schiller knew he would be asked this question. If the truthful answer were that Trump hadn’t taken any additional trips to Russia, Schiller would have simply said so.

Instead, Keith Schiller’s answer reads like a bumbling attempt at trying to avoid revealing the truth, while also trying to avoid committing perjury. It’s basically an admission that Donald Trump took more trips to Russia than is publicly known. Now investigators know what they’re looking for: one or more secret Trump visits to Russia.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report