While speaking in Israel today, Donald Trump blurted out more classified intel about Israel

Donald Trump headed into Israel today with a number of dark clouds hanging over him and his troubled administration. But the most immediate cloud was the one involving Trump having given highly classified intelligence obtained from Israel to the Russians during an Oval Office meeting last week. So how did Trump handle the matter when he held a joint press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today? He blurted out additional classified information.

Trump seems to have a fundamental misunderstanding about the importance of what he leaked to begin with. Although he didn’t tell the Russians that the classified info had come from Israel, he revealed details that would have made it easy for Russia to trace the information back to Israeli intel assets. And so today Trump proudly chastised reporters to their faces over the fact that he never told the Russians the intel came from Israel.

But in so doing today, Donald Trump publicly revealed that the intel did come from Israel (link). That part was also classified. Oops.


So now we’ve got Donald Trump publicly revealing classified information while incorrectly bragging that he hadn’t privately revealed classified information. And he did it while standing next to the prime minister of the ally who gave the United States the classified information to begin with. There are almost no words to describe how swiftly Trump’s presidency is unraveling.

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