Donald Trump has found a disgusting way to personally profit from his endorsement of Roy Moore

What’s worse than the so-called President of the United States endorsing a child molester in a Senate race? How about that same so-called President finding a way to use that sick and twisted endorsement to line his own pockets with cash? Donald Trump renewed and formalized his endorsement of alleged child molester Roy Moore this week in the U.S. Senate race in Alabama, and now he’s taking things one craven step further.

On Tuesday evening Trump announced a campaign rally in Pensacola, Florida, scheduled for this Friday night. Pensacola is on the Alabama border, and in fact the local network television news stations in Mobile, Alabama also cover Pensacola. So this event will get airtime in Alabama. It’s an attempt at helping boost Roy Moore’s prospects, just days before the election. But it’s also a personal fundraiser for Trump himself.

This event is simply listed as a “Donald J. Trump rally.” That means it’s not for the purpose of raising money for Roy Moore’s campaign. Instead it’s for the purpose of raising money for Trump’s own 2020 reelection campaign. As we’ve previously explained, that particular “campaign” doesn’t exist, because Trump isn’t even close to launching a reelection campaign. Instead, Trump has been holding events like this simply so he can use them to bait his supporters into donating to his (essentially imaginary) 2020 reelection effort. It’s been widely documented that Trump is using his “reelection” funds to pay his family’s legal bills in the Trump-Russia scandal, which means he’s essentially pocketing the money.

So there you have it. Not only is Donald Trump campaigning for a serial child molester, he’s also lining his pockets in the process. It should probably be pointed out that Trump is using this money to pay the attorneys who are representing himself and his family in a scandal in which he’s accused of, among other things, treason against the United States.

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