Donald Trump is a monster wimp

Donald Trump has been borrowing pages out of Adolf Hitler’s playbook from the very start of his foray into politics, and it took until this week – with stories of Hispanic immigrant kids locked inside cages in concentration camps – for some folks sitting at home to finally see it. Trump is a monster, and he’s willing to sink to literally any level to try to accomplish his goals. But here’s the other half of the coin: Trump is also a phenomenal wimp.

Trump and his white supremacist political advisers are solely responsible for locking these immigrant kids in these cages. There’s zero room for debate when it comes to this fact. This is entirely Trump’s doing. Yet instead of owning it, Trump wants it to be someone else’s fault. He’s spent the past week spinning this fictional tale about President Obama – who has been out of power for a year and a half – somehow being responsible for this, and the Democrats in Congress – who are in the minority – somehow having the responsibility to fix it. What a wuss.

Seriously now. Even though it’s been well established that there is no law that says the executive branch has to separate these immigrant kids from their parents, Trump keeps insisting there is. Earlier today he tweeted “CHANGE THE LAWS!” Huh? He flat out refuses to admit that this child abuse is his doing and his responsibility. He’s afraid to take ownership of his own actions, for fear that people will like him less, which might hurt his feelings.

What a pathetic pile of goo this man is. He’s already historically unpopular, and widely regarded as – by far – the worst President in United States history. He’ll be remembered by history solely as a cautionary tale. Now he’s betting what’s left of his presidency on a craven scheme involving torturing innocent children. Just don’t ask this wimp to take responsibility for it. He’ll still be whining about his victim status when he’s behind bars. Fortunately for the rest of us, they don’t have Twitter in prison.

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