Donald Trump’s racism and senility on full display at Hispanic Heritage Month event

Donald Trump is gleefully racist. He’s also rapidly going senile. It’s not clear which was to blame for his behavior yesterday when he presided over a Hispanic Heritage Month event at the White House. He didn’t get confused and wander off in the middle of the event, as he so often tends to do. But, in what reads like a rejected script for a Simpsons episode, Trump did use the occasion to mock Hispanic people.

Here’s how the Washington Post sums up the incident: Trump drew out the name in an accented fashion three times — ‘Pueeeeerto Rico’ — telling the crowd, ‘We love Pueeeeerto Rico.’ Then he said it without any accent: ‘And we also love Puerto Rico.'” (link). Wait, what? Coming from any mentally competent person, you’d say his remarks were offensive and inappropriate to the point of being racist. But considering how increasingly strange Trump’s behavior has become, it’s difficult to say for sure what’s even going on here.

This is the same Donald Trump who, just days ago, traveled to Puerto Rico and began throwing rolls of paper towels at the storm-ravaged Puerto Ricans in the audience. He then began trying to throw cans of chicken into the audience, and had to be stopped. On the plane ride home, he claimed this was the first time a president had ever visited hurricane victims, seemingly having lost all awareness of the trips he recently took to hurricane ravaged Texas and Florida.

This is becoming nothing short of bizarre. If Donald Trump were your friend or relative, he’d be the one you’d be afraid to take anywhere in public, for fear he’d cause a scene. There are now so many things wrong with this guy, it’s difficult to figure out whether his decision to mock Hispanic people during a Hispanic Heritage Month event was an instance of him being callously racist or pitifully senile. Trump doesn’t belong in the Oval Office; he belongs in a doctor’s office.

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