Why the media is completely misreporting today’s Hope Hicks story

“But I heard she refused to answer questions today.” That’s the response I keep hearing from people who have only gotten as far as the mainstream media headlines of the day. But no matter how badly the media botches this, today’s events don’t mean that Hicks is protecting Trump. Instead, Hicks is cutting a deal against Donald Trump. It’s actually fairly easy to understand this, if you tune out the misleading headlines and look at the facts.

A very clear pattern has emerged of late. Whenever Trump’s own people have a falling out with him, and he comes to fear that they’re going to flip on him, he has his puppets on the House Intel Committee haul them in for questioning. The closed door hearings are only so Devin Nunes and the other Trump sock puppets on the committee can try to pry into what that witness might be planning to tell Robert Mueller. When the witness refuses to answer those questions, it’s absolute confirmation that the witness is no longer playing for Team Trump.

This is precisely what happened with Steve Bannon a few weeks ago. He refused to give up anything to Trump’s puppets on the committee, and the media largely went with misleading headlines like “Bannon stonewalls investigators.” Headlines like that are so far out of context, they’re virtually fake news. Sure enough, days later, Bannon predictably spoke with Mueller. The mainstream media then quietly reported that Bannon did indeed spill his guts to Mueller, just as any thinking person saw coming.

Now we’re seeing the exact same thing play out with Hope Hicks. She had a falling out with Trump over the Rob Porter scandal, making Trump worry that she might flip on him. Then Trump’s former legal spokesman Mark Corallo testified to Mueller that he heard Hicks telling Trump that she would suppress evidence. If Hicks wasn’t looking at obstruction of justice charges before, she certainly is now. So it’s not difficult to figure out why Trump’s puppet committee hauled in Hicks for questioning today. They want to know what she’s going to give up on Trump, so they can tell Trump, so he and his team can try to get out ahead of it.

If you can’t follow what I’ve laid out above, you’re probably reading the wrong website. Even if we didn’t just finish watching this play out with Bannon, it would still be fairly obvious what’s really going on with Hicks. The trouble is that the mainstream media presumably doesn’t want to offend people who can’t follow logic. And so instead of spelling out what the evidence reveals is obviously going on, it’s largely settling for “Hope Hicks stonewalls investigators” headlines today.

Nevermind, of course, that Hope Hicks is only stonewalling the one congressional committee that even the mainstream media has largely admitted has been fully compromised by Trump’s meddling. Nevermind that if Hicks were still on Team Trump, she would have had no problem answering closed-door questions coming from Trump’s puppets like Nunes. Nevermind that Mueller just finished obtaining testimony that Hicks obstructed justice. Why bother reporting on all of that evidence? It’s easier to just pander to the dumbest of readers by sticking to the “Hicks stonewalls investigators” basics, even though it’s so far out of context as to be a false headline.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report