Michael Flynn was trying to get classified intel on Russia from the Obama team during transition

With each passing day, Michael Flynn becomes more of a problem for Donald Trump and his administration. And today, Flynn seems to be more of a problem for Trump by the hour. The problem isn’t that Trump hired a guy who was on the take from Russia and then fired him. The problem is that the evidence keeps pointing to Trump hiring people like Flynn because they were dirty and then giving them free rein. Tonight’s latest revelation about Flynn points to just how brazen things have been.

During the transition team, Michael Flynn’s underling asked the President Obama administration for the classified CIA profile of Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, according to the Associated Press (link). This raises too many questions to track. Was Flynn seeking to give the classified intel about Kislyak to him, as a favor to Russia? Was Flynn trying to gain an advantage over Kislyak, in line with the theory that Russia had control over a compromised Flynn by that time? But either way, it points to Trump’s real problem here.

Donald Trump has been running a campaign, a transition team, and an administration in which his staff members have been so confident in their inappropriate interactions with Russia that they never even felt they’ve had to hide any of what they were doing. Flynn and his underling honestly thought there would be no problem with asking the Obama administration for classified intel on Russia? Yet this was clearly the groundwork that Trump laid for how his advisers believed they could proceed with such things.

And that leaves only three possibilities when it comes to Donald Trump: either he’s so mentally vacant that he doesn’t know what hijinks his advisers are up to, or he’s so ambivalent to corruption that he doesn’t care what they’re up to, or he’s so complicit in the Russia scandal that they were doing these things because he wanted it that way. Any of the three is impeachable. Help fund Palmer Report

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