Carter Page has a meltdown after he’s subpoenaed in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

Former Donald Trump campaign adviser Carter Page has always seemed to enjoy jumping on any opportunity to appear on television or speak with the media. But that seems to have changed rather abruptly today, after he was subpoenaed to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee about his role in the Trump-Russia scandal. In fact, Page’s response to a reporter could be classified as an outright meltdown.

Page has already made clear that he wouldn’t voluntarily testify for the committee, and that he would be invoking the Fifth Amendment. The committee decided to subpoena him anyway today, forcing a situation where he’ll have to show up and verbally “plead the fifth” in response to every question, as the television cameras broadcast the awkward moment to millions of viewers. Each time Page pleads the fifth, it’ll make the Trump-Russia scandal that much more real in the eyes of the public, and it’ll make Trump himself look that much more guilty. That may explain why Page didn’t take the news well.

Talking Points Memo, a news outlet with whom Carter Page had been cordial in the past, reached out to him to try to confirm that he had in fact received the subpoena. He replied that he was “dealing with more relevant matters today.” (link). But when he was pressed for whether this was a ‘no comment,’ he angrily responded in all caps: “LIKE I SAID, I’M DEALING WITH MORE RELEVANT THINGS. ITS LESS OF A ‘NO COMMENT’ AND MORE OF A ‘NO INTEREST IN TALKING ABOUT IRRELEVANCIES.”

So now we know that Carter Page is angry, nervous, rattled, or however you’d want to describe it. This is the same guy who used to appear on CNN and MSNBC just to talk about the Trump-Russia scandal for fun. It appears he’s no longer having fun.

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