Donald Trump’s unhinged Twitter meltdown last night was due to trouble with Melania

Donald Trump spent the first nine days of his Asia trip posting tweets that were so tame, they had to have been supervised (or written) by his handlers. Then last night he unloaded on Twitter in a manner so unhinged, even by his standards, it led some observers to question if perhaps his account had been hacked. By now it’s clear that these psychotic tweets really did come from Trump. It also appears that the tweets were the result of some kind of trouble with Melania.

Melania Trump was with her husband for the first week of the Asia trip. Then, for reasons known only to them, she decided to stay behind in China while he ventured on to Vietnam. According to the New York Times, her official reason for remaining in China was that she wanted to visit the zoo (link). Although plenty of people like the zoo, this was such an absurdly arbitrary excuse for bailing on her husband’s trip, Saturday Night Live ended up mocking the entire situation.

So why did Melania invent an excuse to get away from Donald this weekend? She spent the first six months of his presidency living in Trump Tower in New York, and he never once came to visit her there during that time, so this is nothing new for them. Perhaps they were fighting during this trip. Perhaps his ongoing psychological decline was simply too much for her. In any case, shortly after she bailed on him to go hang out with panda bears, he went completely over the edge.

Last night Donald Trump tweeted support for Vladimir Putin, while calling Americans “haters and losers” and calling Kim Jong-Un “short and fat” even as he randomly attacked Hillary Clinton for her spelling abilities. It was a meltdown for the ages, and frankly, grounds for the 25th Amendment being invoked. He appears to be so out of control, Melania is now making up excuses on the fly just to get away from him.