Donald Trump and Melania Trump say they’re in prison

If you’ve felt like you’ve been trapped inside a prison ever since Donald Trump took office, it turns out you’re not the only one. Donald and Melania Trump met with the wife of a political dissident who’s imprisoned in Venezuela, and she made a rather surreal admission. Melania said that since her husband Donald took office, she feels like she’s in prison herself. Donald apparently feels the same way.

Here’s the relevant, and startling, segment from an MSN report: “Melania said she sympathized with what Lopez had gone through in jail in Caracas, Venezuela, noting that the White House felt as confining as prison, two people familiar with the meeting told the Post. Trump reportedly agreed.” (link). Remarkably, this took place all the way back in February, back when Donald had only been in the White House for a few weeks. Strangely, Melania was still living in New York at the time, and wasn’t even living in the White House.

This raises the question, frankly, of what the hell either one of them was talking about. For one thing, you don’t tell the spouse of an actual prisoner that you feel like you’re metaphorically in prison because you don’t like your job. That’s insensitive and rude. But it also serves to underscore just how unhappy Donald Trump is in the White House, as if his constant vacation trips to his own properties weren’t enough of a clue.

This stands against the popular notion that Donald Trump is too [fill in the blank] to ever resign. Not only is he clearly miserable, this reveals that he’s been miserable from the very start of his time in office. As he continues to grow more unpopular, scandal-plagued, and overwhelmed, it’s not difficult to see him trying to negotiate his resignation at some point.

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