Donald Trump, Russian Ambassador caught lying about Friday meeting

Uh oh, someone’s just been caught lying. On Friday, the new Russian Ambassador to the United States – a guy whose background is so sketchy that he’s personally been named on multiple international sanctions lists – had a meeting with Donald Trump at the White House. We know this because the new Ambassador said as much to the media. But now the Trump White House insists that no such meeting happened. Wait, what?

Here’s Russian Ambassador Anatoly Antonov telling Kremlin-funded propaganda outlet RT that he had a “warm and friendly” meeting with Trump on Friday (link). And here’s Trump’s Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders insisting that “there was not a meeting” between Antonov and Trump (link). Whoops, somebody’s lying. Maybe both sides are lying, but at least one of them is. The wacky part is that because they directly contradicted each other, it proves that at least one of them is lying. People don’t lie about these kinds of things unless they’re trying to cover something up.

This means that Donald Trump’s relationship with the new Russian Ambassador is off to every bit as suspicious of a start as his previous relationship with the old Russian Ambassador. Remember him? Sergey Kislyak was the guy who was secretly meeting with numerous Trump campaign advisers throughout the election cycle. You remember all those meetings, of course. They’re the ones that Trump’s advisers all went on to lie about. Some of them were even willing to commit felonies by lying about those meetings on government security clearance forms.

Yet now here we are again, with Donald Trump and the new Russian Ambassador collectively lying about whether or not they met on Friday. We’ve seen this movie before. Last time they were covering for having colluded to rig the election in Trump’s favor. What might they be trying to hide this time?

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