The mainstream media is preparing to bullshit you about Donald Trump again

Donald Trump and the Republican Congress are on the verge of ramming through a highly unpopular tax bill which steals money from the working class and gives it to the Republican Party’s wealthy donors. The legislation may still yet fail. But I can already see the mainstream media gearing up to sell us a new narrative about “Republican unity” and Trump’s job now being secure. This burgeoning media narrative is an intentionally dishonest ploy for ratings – and I can prove it.

The Republican Congress knows full well what will happen if it goes into the November 2018 midterm elections with Donald Trump still in office. They just saw their party get wiped out in the November 2017 elections. They care infinitely more about getting themselves reelected than they do about whether or not Trump sinks or swims. There’s precious little loyalty in politics to begin with, and there’s virtually none on the conservative side.

The GOP has already proven it wants Trump gone before the midterms. Most of the Republicans in Congress have spent all year doing nothing to stand in the way of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump’s scandals. That’s because they strategically want Trump gone; they just don’t want Trump’s base to blame them for it. Once Mueller exposes Trump as such a blatant criminal that the vast majority of Americans are demanding his ouster and arrest, the Republican Congress can say that it had no choice but to oust Trump. This is all painfully obvious. So why won’t the mainstream media tell you that this is coming?

Simply put, it’s not a good way to keep you tuned in. Why would the media want to tell you how this is going to end, when it can instead keep you trapped in the moment at any given time? If they point you too far down the road, they take all the suspense out of the moment, and they give you an excuse to take a week or a month off from watching. We’ve seen this before.

Back when evidence surfaced in the summer of 2017 that Robert Mueller had grand juries going in the Trump-Russia scandal, the mainstream media refused to report it. When sites like Palmer Report began reporting it instead, the mainstream media made a point of accusing us of being “fake news” for reporting on the grand juries. The mainstream media simply wasn’t ready to point you to the fact that indictments and arrests were definitely coming down the road, because they knew there wouldn’t be enough detail surfacing in the mean time to keep those storylines sounding urgent. So instead the media actively tried to shut down the grand jury storyline, even though they knew it was legitimate.

A couple months later, when enough details were leaking out about the grand juries to make for a more sustainable narrative, the media finally acknowledged that the grand juries existed (without ever acknowledging that sites like Palmer Report had the story right all along). This isn’t a complaint; it’s simply how the mainstream media operates. Always has, always will.

So yeah, if the tax scam succeeds, the mainstream media is preparing to bullshit you. It’ll sell you the scary narrative that the Republican Party is now firmly behind Donald Trump, and how Trump is now unstoppable. You’ll tune in to cable news every day, out of angst and fear. And then later, once the media decides its best ratings ploy is to finally acknowledge that Trump is going to be ousted before the midterm races gear up, it’ll be sold to you as shocking “Breaking News.” It’s just how the media works. There is no conspiracy in Trump’s favor. It’s simply a conspiracy of ratings.

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