Has Mitch McConnell cut a grand bargain to oust Donald Trump?

Late on Friday night, we witnessed something which shouldn’t have been possible. The Republican Senators who opposed the criminally corrupt tax legislation all lined up to dutifully vote for it. Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and others committed career suicide by marrying themselves to the most unpopular legislation of all time, and they’ll have difficulty ever getting elected again. I’ve been thinking about how Mitch McConnell convinced them to do it.

Let’s be clear: the holdout Senators who reluctantly voted for the tax scam aren’t stupid. They did it with their eyes wide open. Yes, they wanted to please their wealthy donors. But they know full well that they probably just lost their reelection bids in the process. So why would these Senators throw away everything just to help pass legislation they don’t believe in and didn’t want to be attached to? It just so happens that the biggest holdouts on the tax bill are generally Donald Trump’s biggest detractors in the Republican Party. There is seemingly only one thing McConnell could have offered them.

Let’s be clear: no matter what the mainstream media says to you to try to convince you that there’s still some doubt about the outcome, Donald Trump is finished. I can’t tell you when it’ll happen, but Michael Flynn’s deal cements Trump’s eventual ouster from office. The Republicans in Congress know it too. Their legislative agenda is now finished until Trump is gone, because his unraveling and downfall will become the only focus in the meantime. At this point the GOP is better off ousting Trump now, before he ends up causing them to get wiped out in the midterms.

Mitch McConnell, sociopathic criminal that he may be, is politically savvy enough to know this. He also knows that his Republican Party is about to get dragged down into the Russia scandal, thanks to this week’s media reports that Donald Trump asked a number of Republican Senators to sabotage the investigation. The best move, and in fact only logical move, for the GOP is to oust Trump and do it soon. McConnell knows this.

So I’m left to wonder aloud if Mitch McConnell might have cut a grand bargain with the holdout Republican Senators. They voted for his tax scam in order to appease the party’s wealthy donors, and in return, McConnell agreed to oust Donald Trump and let them take credit for it. That way these holdout Republicans can go into reelection bragging about how they virtuously ousted the criminal Trump, and perhaps it’s enough to distract voters from their own criminal participation in the tax scam.

I’m not working with any inside information here, just thinking out loud and asking a question that needs to be asked. Perhaps it’s a stretch to think that the dysfunctional Republican Party could have pulled off such a deal in secret. But if not, then the only other explanation is that the holdout Republicans in the Senate decided to throw away their consciences, their reputations, and their careers for no reason at all.

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