Based on Donald Trump’s own words, I think he’s been giving classified info to Russia since March

Donald Trump has consistently used projection to preemptively accuse others of the actions that he’s guilty of himself. It seems to be a clinical problem for him, but it also just happens to work as a political strategy: even if he’s not fully believed, it muddies the waters to the point that it becomes difficult to cleanly accuse Trump of his actions no matter the evidence. But at times it also serves as a giveaway for what Trump is up to, particularly in hindsight.

This evening we learned that Donald Trump gave classified information to the Russian government last Thursday. But I’ve now come to suspect that Trump has in fact been giving the Russians our secrets since at least March of this year. What’s basis for this? Trump’s own words at the time, which now have a new context in light of what we’ve learned about his behavior.

Back on March 20th, Donald Trump began a Twitter rant about how his Russia scandal was fake. But then he punctuated it by asserting, out of nowhere, that “The real story that Congress, the FBI and all others should be looking into is the leaking of Classified information. Must find leaker now!” (link). At the time we all thought he was merely trying to convince us that we should focus more on whoever was putting information out there about his Russia scandal. But in hindsight it was oddly specific.

Now that I go back and read Trump’s tweet from March, I’m left to suspect that he’s been giving classified information to Russia since at least that date – and based on his consistent pattern of behavior, he was projecting the “leaker” behavior on other arbitrary straw men. Palmer Report’s research team is now digging in for evidence or patterns that would point to Trump beginning to leak into to Russia back in March. There surely has to be more to this latest projection.

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