“Make America White Again”

How much of a loser do you have to be, to blame your own failings in life on other groups of people? That’s the question I keep coming back to as the racist nature of Donald Trump’s final stand is horrifyingly playing out before our eyes. Kids in cages and concentration camps for the crime of being Hispanic. Mexicans, Muslims, and nonwhite immigrants demonized on a daily basis. Now it turns out Trump’s white supremacist plans are even sicker than we thought.

Trump and his pathetic administration are trying to destroy the nonwhite families that show up at the border seeking asylum. They’re also booting nonwhite immigrants out of the country who are here without documentation, no matter how long they’ve been here, on any technicalities they can think of. But Trump and his KKK advisers are going even further. They’re also planning to target naturalized U.S. citizens and kick them out of the country too.

In a stunning revelation, the Trump administration has flat out admitted that it plans to deport the naturalized U.S. citizens it “believes” cheated the system of obtaining their citizenship. That’s right, not “knows” or “can prove” but “believes.” So much for due process. We know exactly what these bastards are planning to do. They want to round up nonwhite immigrants, even if they’ve already become U.S. citizens, and falsely accuse them of having falsified their paperwork so they can deport them.

Donald Trump will be gone from office, and in the hands of the criminal justice system, before he can begin carrying this out. But it shows just how desperate he and his political advisers are at trying to make America as white as possible. Trump thinks it’s only way to get his white supremacist base to truly love him, and his remaining advisers are white supremacists themselves – or they wouldn’t still be there.

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