Stop giving Donald Trump a magic wand

It’s happening again. Even as Robert Mueller prepares to take yet another debilitating gash out of Donald Trump’s illegitimate presidency, numerous members of the Resistance have begun inventing doomsday scenarios that simply don’t make sense. In terms of political muscle, Trump is at his weakest point ever. In terms of his actions, he’s at his most tepid point ever. Yet our side keeps handing him a magic wand by assigning him evil powers that even he knows he doesn’t have.

Think back to December and January. All we heard was one fatalistic prediction after another from liberals who were certain that Trump was about to fire Rod Rosenstein or Robert Mueller and magically get away with it. Even Trump, for all his delusional haziness, seemed to understand that he didn’t have the leverage to get away with it. It’s why he never did pull the trigger. When he released the Nunes memo, it was a desperation ploy. When it fell flat, that the was end of it. He knew he couldn’t fire them after that.

Now it’s all happening again, this time with pardons. The Resistance just keeps fretting about how Trump is going to pardon everyone in the Trump-Russia scandal and magically get away with it. Nevermind that most legal experts don’t think pardons for his own alleged co-conspirators would hold up in court anyway. The real story here is that even Trump seems to understand that he doesn’t have the political leverage to get away with it.

At this point Donald Trump has become so tepid, so fearful of making one false move that’ll finish off what’s left of his dying presidency, he wasn’t even willing to risk signing off on a permanent security clearance this week for his own son-in-law Jared Kushner. Does this sound like a guy who thinks he has enough juice left to start pardoning his own co-conspirators? He’s afraid to do anything. Even he understands that he has zero remaining political capital, and he just can’t do these things without bringing himself even more trouble and harm in the process.

It’s time the Resistance finally comes to the same realization that even Donald Trump has already figured out. Yes, he’s corrupt. Yes, he’s demented. But even he seems to understand how little he can still get away with. When the Resistance begins spreading the fear that he has these kinds of “magic wand” powers when he clearly does not, it only serves to give him a bit of leverage that he doesn’t otherwise have.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report