I told you Mike Pence was lying about why he canceled his upcoming overseas trip

Yesterday Mike Pence abruptly canceled his big overseas trip at the last minute, floating an implausible excuse that simply didn’t add up. Palmer Report pointed out that he was obviously lying, and went on to explore the real reason he might have suddenly decided to stay close to home. Some skeptics on the left and right insisted that I was “reaching” by pointing out that Pence was full of crap on this. Now one of the most respected people on television is confirming that the obvious.

Pence claimed that he was blowing off his Middle East trip because he needed to stick around in Washington DC in case he needed to break a tie on the Republican tax bill in the Senate. Palmer Report explained that this could not possibly have been the real reason he was staying home. This evening, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow used the opening of her show to explain the same point: because John McCain had already departed for medical reasons, that led an odd number of Senators behind, meaning that there won’t be a tie to break one way or the other. So why is Pence lying?

Maddow seems to think that he’s simply afraid of traveling to the Middle East, after Donald Trump made a total mess of things by trying to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem. That may be plausible, and whenever Maddow speaks, I listen. But my belief if that the deteriorating situation in the Middle East means Pence would be more likely to want to travel there and try to fix Trump’s mess, so he can look presidential. I continue to believe that there is something else to it.

Mike Pence began facing huge trouble the minute it leaked to the media that Michael Flynn had informed the Trump transition team about his illegal conspiracy with Russia; Pence was the head of the transition team. Things look even more dire for Pence now that it’s been revealed that Mueller has the transition team emails that likely confirm Pence knew about Flynn’s Russia crimes. Now Pence is suddenly canceling an overseas trip and lying about it? Something is afoot.

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