The lunkhead is in freefall

If you want to tie up philosophers and psychologists in a discussion so lengthy and complex it might never end, simply ask them this question: “What’s wrong with Donald Trump?” In the day to day world of political analysis, we’re left focusing on a more immediate question: “What new is wrong with Donald Trump today?”

If Trump were a villain in a superhero movie, this would be the part where pieces of him started falling off to reveal his true ugly nature underneath. The guy was up at five-something in the morning yesterday, ranting and raving about ridiculous nonsense. No one is even sure if he’d gotten up way too early or if he’d been up all night. We don’t have a president. We have the Jeffrey Dahmer of politics illegally occupying the White House, keeping the country from functioning.

The federal government has been shut down twice in the past month because Trump is just a blob who can’t even cut a simple budget deal with either willing political party. The stock market has lost ten percent of its value in the past two weeks, because Wall Street has given up hope that Trump’s “Weekend at Bernie’s” faux-presidency can keep the Obama economy going.

Donald Trump now says he wants to get rid of his new Chief of Staff John Kelly because he hates him, but he wants to replace him with Gary Cohn, a guy he hates even more. Does he even remember who Gary Cohn is? Does he remember Melania’s name? Richard Nixon was a lunatic, but he was a tightly wound control freak who didn’t lose it until near the end. Trump is a lunkheaded jackdonkey who can’t “lose it” because he never had it. By next week he’ll be running around Washington DC naked while throwing bananas at the Washington Monument. Wait, we shouldn’t give him any ideas.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report