As Robert Mueller closes in, Donald Trump Jr completely loses it

Will Donald Trump Jr be indicted, charged, or arrested for his role in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal? No one among the public knows. For that matter, Donald Trump Jr doesn’t have any way of knowing that answer either. Based on his increasingly defensive and erratic behavior, it appears he’s not handling the pressure particularly well of late. In fact he’s completely losing it.

For one thing, Donald Trump Jr has become nothing short of obsessed with Hillary Clinton. His father has been strategically pushing bizarre phony conspiracy theories about Hillary as a strategic attempt at distracting from his own mounting scandals, and while he clearly enjoys the opportunity to roll in the mud, it’s a strategy. Junior, however, seems to have gone off the deep end with it. On Thursday alone, Donald Trump Jr posted no less than seven tweets and retweets aimed at Clinton that were oddly personal in nature. At one point he sarcastically called Hillary the “queen.” At another point he tried to condemn Hillary for her acquaintanceship with Harvey Weinstein, when his own father was at least as close with Weinstein.

Then there was Junior’s bizarre Halloween controversy. He posted a photo of his young daughter looking unhappy, and he threatened to take half her candy and give it to kids who didn’t trick or treat, in order to demonstrate the evils of socialism. After he was widely criticized for having tried to politicize his kid in such cravenly pointless fashion, he flew off the handle in response: “Enough of the PC lib crap!”

It’s known that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating the circumstances of Donald Trump Jr’s meeting with Russian government representatives during the campaign. It’s not clear if Mueller views Junior as a criminal suspect, or if he simply views him a witness in his father’s subsequent attempt at obstructing justice by disguising the true nature of the meeting. What is clear is that Junior is losing it as the investigation continues to move forward.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report