Lock Him Up: Jared Kushner’s explosive new criminal scandal

We’ve now learned that Jared Kushner has been using private email to conduct White House business. Not just once, not just accidentally, but dozens of times, from January through August of 2017. This was long after Donald Trump and his drooling fan base chanted “lock her up”. And, of course, this was long after Trump threatened Hillary Clinton with jail during the debate because of her use of a private email server (even though she had done nothing illegal).

We are told that the majority of these emails were the result of someone sending Kushner an email to his personal account and that the emails were forwarded so they could be preserved. Apparently, we’re just supposed to take their word for this. We’re supposed to take the word of an administration that repeatedly lied about everything from the size of the inaugural crowd to meetings with the Russians.

Will right-wing watch groups try to subpeona his internet provider to make sure that the only things he deleted were recipes? Will Trump’s emails be searched to make sure he wasn’t communicating with Jared Kushner with that account? Will Kushner be required to answer questions about this every time he gets in front of a group of reporters, even if it is found that he broke no laws?

While the answer to all of these questions should be “yes,” we know that in fact it will not happen. It’ll be discussed, briefly, but the mainstream media won’t want to remind you of their own obsession with Hillary’s emails. Fox News (if they mention it at all) will tell us that it’s a non-issue. Rachel Maddow will probably devote a couple of sentences to it. She’ll point out the irony and pause for a couple of moments to “let it sink in” and then she’ll move on to something else. Because in a few hours there will be something else with this administration, there always is. Which leads us to the most important question – Robert Mueller, what on earth is taking you so long to take Trump down?

Wendy Luxenburg

Wendy Luxenburg writes for Palmer Report