Lock him up: Donald Trump administration using personal email for White House purposes

Donald Trump spent his entire campaign insisting that Hillary Clinton was a criminal because she used personal email for work purposes while she was Secretary of State, and he repeatedly demanded that she sent to prison for it as his supporters cheered “Lock her up!” Nevermind that Clinton was fully cleared (twice) by the FBI over her use of personal email; in Trumpland it’s considered a crime against humanity. Which presents a bit of a problem now that Trump’s administration just got caught using personal email while on the job.

Buried all the way down in the twenty-third paragraph of this Politico article is the following nugget: “Disorganization continued to be a running theme at the White House. Some of the White House’s press wranglers continued using personal email addresses because their official ones had yet to be set up.” And there you have it: Trump administration employees used personal email in the White House for work purposes while on the job.

For the record, that’s not a violation of the law. But neither was Hillary Clinton’s use of personal email. And though Trump’s team used their personal email addresses while Hillary used a personal email server, they both relied on the same reasoning: the government email wasn’t working well enough. Hillary did nothing wrong, and Trump’s people know it.

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