Robert Mueller is laughing his butt off

Robert Mueller is a serious guy. Has anyone ever seen him laugh? Does he even seem like he’s capable of laughing? Well, Mueller is laughing now. The media spent the week insisting that Donald Trump would fire him, but as we predicted, that hasn’t happened. Instead, Trump has gone in the other direction entirely. Not only is he leaving Mueller alone to continue his work, he’s now actively doing Mueller’s job for him.

Various frustrated Americans have impatiently asked why Trump hasn’t yet been taken down for obstruction of justice and his numerous other crimes. But a trap door doesn’t magically open up under Trump simply because everyone has seem him committing obstruction. It’s already legally murky territory as to whether Robert Mueller can indict a sitting president, as it’s never been tried before. He has to build the perfect legal case against Trump, brick by brick, piece by piece, before he can pull the trigger. This afternoon, Trump began handing him several new bricks.

First Trump began using Twitter to threaten the pension of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe. Trump was clearly trying to retaliate against McCabe for being a witness against him in the obstruction case. This makes Mueller’s life much easier, because he can now use Trump’s own words against him in building his case. Then Trump claimed to be surprised to learn of the reassignment of FBI attorney James Baker, two days after the Trump administration made the move. Trump was protesting too much, and may have made Mueller’s job even easier.

So here we are at the end of a very dangerous week for Robert Mueller, but he still has his job, and now a frustrated Donald Trump is doing his job for him. Trump is continuing to tweet recklessly as the evening goes on, which means he’ll probably commit more crimes, or confess to more crimes, before he passes out. That’s if Mueller doesn’t pass out first from laughing.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report