After “alternative facts” meltdown, Kellyanne Conway says she’ll limit her TV appearances

On Sunday afternoon, after Kellyanne Conway had such a meltdown on Meet The Press that the phrase “alternative facts” became an instant national punchline, I predicted that it would mark the imminent end of her television appearances representing Donald Trump. After all, the job of a spinmeister is to make existing controversies smaller, not larger. Many readers understandably said that Donald Trump wouldn’t bench Kellyanne no matter what. But now she’s acknowledging that her TV appearances are all but finished.

In a stunning new Washington Post expose which sees a dozen different top Donald Trump advisors airing each other’s embarrassing secrets in a seeming attempt at avoiding blame for the administration’s poor start, Kellyanne Conway says that she now hopes to “limit her television appearances” going forward.

Of course Kellyanne claims it’s because she wants to focus on behind the scenes things instead. But up until her “alternative facts” meltdown, she had been the de facto face of the Donald Trump administration, frequently appearing on television interviews both before and after Trump took office. So the notion that she’s suddenly taking herself off television voluntarily seems absurd; instead it sounds like Trump simply benched her for one too many TV flubs.


Also, Kellyanne Conway reportedly punched a guy in the face over the weekend.

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