Donald Trump’s staff just staged a late night Twitter bender on his account to cover for his disappearance

Palmer Report has previously documented that Donald Trump hasn’t tweeted anything in his own right since Monday morning. There have been no signature pre-dawn meltdown rants. The few tweets that have been posted to his account have been promotional posts at times of day when he never tweets anything. It’s clear he’s given up on Twitter this week. However, tonight, sometime after midnight, he’s suddenly on a Twitter bender – except it once again doesn’t appear to be him.

Trump started off by tweeting this around 12:30am eastern time: “Tonight, @FLOTUS Melania and I were thrilled to welcome so many wonderful friends to the @WhiteHouse – and wish them all a very #HappyHanukkah” He also included a link to a series of Instagram photos. There are a few problems here. First, Trump doesn’t use hashtags like that. Second, he would have no idea how to link to Instagram. Third, his social media director Dan Scavino posted one of the same photos, with nearly the same message, on his own Twitter account (link). Okay, so we know this one was Scavino. Then came the second “Trump tweet.”

Around 1:00am eastern time, Trump’s account tweeted “I fulfilled my campaign promise – others didn’t!” Included was a video of former U.S. Presidents speaking about Israel. The misleading nature of the video is a whole other story. On top of it, the video uses footage of Trump’s slurring speech, but with the worst parts edited out. This is bizarre. But the bottom is that, once again, Trump would have no idea how to cleanly embed a video into a Twitter. We’re not trying to be insulting; we’ve just seen over the years that he doesn’t have those skills. He just recently figured out how to use the “retweet” button.

So here’s what it looks like is happening: Donald Trump has gone three full days without tweeting anything of his own. During that period of time he gave a speech in which he was slurring his words so badly that many wondered if he’d suffered a stroke. Now Trump’s team is so worried about his absence from Twitter, it’s frantically impersonating him – without stopping to think about how obvious it is that these tweets are not from him.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report